Custom Requests

Since we produce all of our goods in our own factory in Vancouver, it allows for a little bit greater customizability in terms of color pairings and accents. If you are looking to create something that no one else will have, please feel free to get in contact with us. 

What is easiest for us to customize is the leather color pairing, but we are open to any and all ideas to help make your experience with Nocturnal Workshop a most memorable one.

Please contact: for all inquiries regarding customization with the Subject line reading: Custom Order

Some of the details you can customize:

  • The amount of reflective fabric on your bag
  • The amount and color of leather on your bag
  • The amount and color of nylon you wish to have on your bag
  • A monogram of your Initials stamped onto leather and sewn into the interior of the bag (+$10 fee)
  • Mixing fabrics from our feather tote series with backpack fabrics

We thank you for your support!