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  • Visibility with Credibility

    Fashion is a highly subjective industry. For years we have seen a divide between what is fashionable and what is actually useful. Visa versa, what is useful often isn't what's desirable.


    In creating Nocturnal Workshop, we actually worked backwards. We knew we wanted to work with 3M Reflective material, but we didn't know exactly what product to produce. The reason we chose bags and accessories is the fact that they are bought and interchanged less (unlike t-shirts), are harder wearing and generally more timeless.



    We also wanted to create a bag that didn't look like a safety vest, that was our biggest challenge. Making something that was fashionable yet cohesively had function was our end goal.


    We believe that the need for Reflective fashion is more evident than ever now with companies like Ice Cold NY, KTZ, Supreme and Nike all helping to pave the way.


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